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Recommended trips

Visit the Zelená Hora (Green Mountain) Chateau in 2019

Whichever direction you will be coming from, sooner or later you will see the unmistakable landmark of the local landscape on the horizon – Zelená Hora. The early Baroque chateau changes daily with the light and seasons of the year, thus creating an unforgettable and ever-changing scenery.

autor Šárka Boušová

Old churches in the Nepomuk Highlands

Cycling trip from Nepomuk to Plánice and back. You can take a cycling trip from Nepomuk and get to know the beauty of the local countryside and the villages along the border of the Pilsen and Klatovy regions. A moderate trail of 41 kilometres will take you south from Nepomuk through the...

Technical monuments

Although the Nepomuk region has never had too much industry, you can find here not only quaint old houses and homestead courtyards, but also more or less preserved historical production plants. These are mostly industrial monuments from the period before the industrial revolution that can...

The 3,000-year history of Nepomuk

A hike from Nepomuk via the ruins of Potštejn Castle, past the Žinkovy Chateau to Vojovice, and from there to Nová Ves, Soběsuky and back. Other things to see along the way are the romantic “Temple”, a prehistoric settlement and natural monuments – ponds with protected bird species and rare...

autor Šárka Boušová

The local countryside and history

Depart from the village of Srby and follow the green marked trail through the virgin forest in the Buková Hora (Beech Hill) Nature Park. Climb to the ridge called Kámen (Rock) and visit the gamekeeper’s lodge, Dubeč, next to which you will find the “Leaning Obelisk” by V. Fiala. On your way to...

Frolicking (not only) with animals

Go on a hike from Tojice, through Vrčeň and Klášter, to Nepomuk. Along the way, you can visit a minizoo with famous nutrias, and a potter’s shop … and obviously also the majestic ruins of the Cistercian monastery. This route is suitable for hikers as well as cyclists.

A leisurely stroll through Nepomuk

Take a walk not only around Nepomuk’s sights and museums. The Pod Zelenou Horou (Below Green Mountain) Sightseeing Trail will take you to Klášter to see the remnants of its medieval abbey.

The Church of St. John of Nepomuk

a Baroque jewel built in the birthplace of the most famous Czech saint According to a legend, this Baroque church was built in the Saint’s very birthplace. As early as in the 1640s, the Šternberk nobility had a church built there and dedicated to St. John the Baptist, which in 1734 gave...

A hiking trip to Březí

We start our trip to Březí in beautiful, romantic countryside near the Olšovka farm, in a place so idyllic that it is hard to believe that this is where the despicable executioner used to live. There are no records of when and by whom the village of Březí was established. The place where today’s...

In the footsteps of history and natural beauty

Let’s start the walk through Spálené Poříčí by revealing the symbolism of its name, which denotes the history of this picturesque town located at the foot of the Brdy mountain range. The original name, Poříčí, referring to the town’s location by the river, took on the adjective “spálené” (burnt...