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Birth house of the painter Augustin Němejc

Gallery of paintings by the author of the curtain in the J.K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen

Birth house of the painter Augustin Němejc

Opening hours:

Prior phone arrangement at (+420) 371 591 167. 

Place / address:

A. Němejce Square 129


Phone: +420 371 592 546


Adults CZK 50 / Children over 6 years, students, seniors CZK 30

108 m
30 minutes

Did you know that Professor Augustin Němejc painted the curtain for the J.K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen? A reproduction of the curtain, together with numerous documents and memorabilia from his life are displayed in a unique gallery. Located in the house where the artist was born, the gallery has a truly unique feel. This is the place to learn about the life of this important local painter who captured the life of the people in Pilsen.

 The legacy of Professor Augustin Němejc (b. 15.3.1861 in Nepomuk, d. 16.8.1938 in Pilsen) to future generations supersedes the rural nature of the Pilsen region which helped his work become more widespread. The importance of the artist’s  work lies in the readily accessible comprehensibility of his paintings, especially in the creative period of his life: awareness of national values and patriotism. His works would reach outside the period to achieve permanent, rare, cultural value, to which the exhibition in his birth house bears witness.

Built in the early 19th century, his birth house contains a unique collection of his paintings, which are on display for the public as a permanent exhibition.

Group visits for 10+ persons available outside the opening hours, phone appointments only. Tickets available in the Tourist information centre (náměstí A. Němejce 126).

The birthplace of the painter Augustin Němejc in Nepomuk opened to the public in 2010. After a meticulous renovation, a gallery was opened in the building, displaying dozens of his paintings. In the process, an area was prepared for the presentation of smaller cultural events – concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, etc. Those events are held in the carefully restored barn and in the developed house yard with a stage. The loft offers a studio for arts courses as well as a small hall for seminars, workshops, and lectures.


: 4. 6. 2024


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